Technology in Mathematics Project

The Technology in Mathematics Project is being run by Catholic Education Diocese of Brisbane in conjunction with Heulab Australia PTY LTD. The project involves primary and secondary teachers using specialist software and resources to enhance mathematical engagement through the use of technology.
In essence, this project serves to establish:
  1. A student-centric approach towards teaching
  2. Students actively engaging in the problem solving process through a creative approach
  3. Increased engagement in mathematics through the use of highly visual digitally presented and manipulated content.
  4. Staging of mathematical learning in a digital environment with the advantages which this environment brings. These advantages include direct access to rich visual content and the ability create and share mathematical based content.

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Fun With Construction Resource Collection
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The Fun With Construction Resource Site
On this site you can find a large collection of FWC sample files and resources.
These include downloadable resources as well as instructional videos and lesson plans.
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About the Project in Detail

The Technology in Mathematics Project aims to promote the integration of technology in the teaching of mathematics. Through the use of a specifically designed maths application “Fun With Construction” teachers and students are given the ability to work mathematically in a digital environment.

The overall aim of the project is to assist teachers in exploring ways to incorporate technology and computer usage into their teaching of mathematics. Teachers learn about the advantages of rich media available on digital platforms and most importantly how to be creators of content as opposed to pure consumers of premade digital content. At all times the focus will be on equipping teachers with the skills needed to manipulate the mathematics application to easily create their own dynamic digital content which specifically serves the needs of their students.

The building of a digitally connected community of teachers will also be the focus of the project. Through the running of group professional development days, teachers from schools on the project will form a digitally connected community where the sharing of resources and ideas will be strongly promoted. Through the building of such a community and by enabling Catholic Education teachers to create their own specific content mapped to their own needs, the project aims to build a repository of high quality resources which can be shared and used by other catholic Education teachers and these resources will be targeted to the needs of the organization.

The student perspective of the project involves not only teachers using the specialist maths software but also students. Students will work with the same maths application as teachers and even create their own content and solutions to problems by freely expressing their thinking and solutions on the digital canvas. Through the use of Computers in maths we will expect to see increases in engagement and open thinking styles as students freely explore solutions in an unrestricted way. Students will also be encouraged to use rich media such as images and also create videos of themselves solving mathematical problems through the use of the software’s inbuilt video recording functionality.